Committed to ensuring that you and your families are cared for.
Bereavement Support

Following the passing of a loved one and once the funeral is complete, often you are left on your own with little to no support. Our team here are committed to ensuring that you and your families are cared for before, during and after the funeral. All our families are offered access to our free Dove Bereavement Support group which enables those who have lost a loved one to meet, to talk to our bereavement helpers and to take away some of the loneliness that bereavement can cause. Our bereavement group offers reassurance and companionship through group support. It is a great way to meet like minded people and to hear about the experience of others. Our group is open to anyone living with the loss of a loved one and there is no charge for attending.

We meet on the last Tuesday of every month from 2:00 until 3:00pm at Langan’s Tea Rooms, George Street, Burton.

Should families wish for 1-1 support this can also be organised with your Funeral Director and should the need for counselling occur, we can again advise and point you in the right direction to the correct help.

There is no correct way of handling bereavement, no timescales for grief. Each individual will deal with bereavement in their own way, some will feel intense anger, exhaustion, and aching pain of loss. However you are feeling, you are not alone. Our team are always on hand to chat, help and advise where needed.

Clay – Our Therapy Dog

Meet Clay, our black Cocker Spaniel and newest member of the TJ Parry family.

Clay is here with us at TJ Parry & Family Funeral Directors to offer comfort and a very soft and fluffy ear to listen, he won’t answer back, but he understands.

We believe that sometimes a positive distraction from the sombre matter in hand is what’s needed. Clay especially loves to be with children and hopes he can help by reducing stress and anxiety in an emotionally challenging location such as ours.

Next time you visit us, say hello to Clay, he’s very sociable, intuitive and just wants to bring a little joy where he can.

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